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Virtual Marvin the Martian


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Martian Merchandise

Want to add to your own Marvin Universe?


Here you can find out where to buy all things Marvin & K-9 from pens to posters, t-shirts to lamps...

Below are the best links to visit with the best range and prices.

marvin license plate

Dream On Toyz

Supplier of Marvin the Martian journals, bookmarks, clocks, hanging ornaments, beanies and pens.

Supplier of Marvin the Martian posters. Great range!

Christmas Marvin

Warner Brothers Store

This has to be THE place to get all things Marvin and K-9. You can buy lamps, watches, golf club covers, t-shirts, platform slippers and more!

For now why not try:


For anything Marvin, K9 and hard to obtain characters like Gossamer, you can't go past Nuthouse Fury (above). You can buy limited edition items, key rings, PVC items and more either via their website or on Ebay. I personally have purchased items from them via Ebay and their site and highly recommend them. They are helpful, friendly and great to deal with both internationally and domestically!

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