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Virtual Marvin the Martian


A Martian is Born
Marvin's Mission Statement
Known Associations
Interplanetary Appearances
The Marvin Universe
Martian Tactics
Martian Merchandise
The Galaxy's Most Wanted
Most Wanted 2
Most Wanted 3
Most Wanted 4
Martian Speak
Martian Mail
Martian Speak

Hear the little Martian tell it like it is!

K9 behave

You've made me very angry

PU-36 Illudium Space Modulator

Begging for mercy makes me angry

K-9 do you suppose all Earthlings behave like thataway?

Crimes against the universe

Gee whiz

I claim this planet

I could just pinch them

I'm going to blow it up

I shall have to create more martians

I shall have to use force

My dream come true

That wasn't a bit nice

The Earth's gone

Where's the kaboom?


As you've probably noticed, the persistent little Martian and his faithful companion K-9 will not take no for an answer.

If you listen to Marvin in his own words (at left), you'll realise that he's not used to failing to get his own way and will often respond with extreme hostility! But we love him anyway!