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Virtual Marvin the Martian


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Known Associations


K-9: Marvin's trusty companion and Commander on the Martian Maggot. He can be relied on to signal danger by pointing at it. Perhaps he descends from a species of alien pointer dogs, rather like the breed found on Earth?

Bugs Bunny: The Earthling that Marvin and K-9 can never quite seem to trick. He has been the target of many a Martian kidnapping including for reason of being a companion to Marvin's pet Hugo the Abominable Snowman. So far Bugs has kept the Earth safe from Ka-Boom! for now...


Duck Dodgers & Porky Pig: They are the nemeses of Marvin and K-9. Their initial argument originated over claims to the Illudium Phosdex source on Planet X. Things have never been the same since...

a scheming duck dodgers

Hugo the Abonimable Snowman:
Kidnapped by Marvin from the Himalayas, he became very lonely on Mars. Marvin decided to then kidnap Bugs Bunny for a companion to Hugo. Needless to say, it didn't work out!

hugo the abominable snowman

Links With...


Gossamer: Marvin's sometimes helpful hired help, usually used to deal with troublesome Earthlings like Bugs Bunny.

Michael Jordan: The basketball superstar has been refereed by the pint-sized little Martian during the all important game between the Looney Tunes and the Monstars. It is not known if Michael and Marvin have come into contact off the court.


Homer Simpson:
Marvin appeared in an alien line-up conducted by Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully in Springfield on 12/1/97. Homer Simpson was convinced that there were aliens in Springfield, and poor Marvin was showcased in a humiliating incident. He has never wanted to be anywhere near Springfield again.

Click on the picture of Homer below to read a wonderful synopsis of the episode itself on another great site!

Homer Simpson

Instant Martians:
These are Marvin's assistants on tap. They are particularly useful when dealing with bothersome talking rabbits, and are available at the drop of a water!

Instant Martian

Looney Tunes Lineup

Marvin has been sighted in a cabaret-style appearance(above) with the other Looney Tunes. He will not comment, however, on this other than to say he had drunk a little too much Martian milk...

We want to know where's K-9?!