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Virtual Marvin the Martian


A Martian is Born
Marvin's Mission Statement
Known Associations
Interplanetary Appearances
The Marvin Universe
Martian Tactics
Martian Merchandise
The Galaxy's Most Wanted
Most Wanted 2
Most Wanted 3
Most Wanted 4
Martian Speak
Martian Mail
Martian Tactics

Martian ID

Marvin and K-9 get to see the greatest and trendiest hot spots in the galaxy when Marvin flashes his Martian ID card.

If they ever run into a bit of trouble accessing anywhere, they will resort to using one of the weapons listed arguments!


The Illudium Pu-36 Explosive Space Modulator is Marvin's weapon of choice. He uses it to threaten Bugs Bunny, Duck Dodgers and all of us Earthlings!

He fought to claim Planet X at the same time as Duck Dodgers, for it's rare source of Illudium Phosdex (the shaving cream atom). Perhaps it generates the energy needed for Marvin's Illudium Modulator?

Hear Marvin say what is weapon of choice is. Click here!


The Martian Maggot (at right) is the spaceship that Marvin and K-9 use. It is a reliable ship that has taken them on millions of miles of intergalactic travel and is quite economical, especially when making those long trips to obtain the last of the Illudium Phosdex!

Instant Martians

If the Martian duo ever need immediate backup, they look no further than the Instant Martians, 10,000 available in a split-second provided you have a supply of water handy...

These creatures are always handy for dealing with meddling bunnies and other Earthlings.